State of the Water

Interested in the quantity and quality of water in our region? Much of our work is done in or along our waterways. Miami Conservancy District’s experts are observing and testing water sources within the Great Miami River Watershed daily, compiling data to create reports, enabling people and partners in our region to make safe, sustainable water choices.

Long-term water trends

• Rain on the rise
Groundwater supply plentiful, and most well levels steady
Groundwater interacts with rivers, streams and lakes
Water usage declining

Stream Health

Stream health ratings vary throughout the Great Miami River Watershed. Most streams are rated good to excellent.

• Upper Great Miami River Watershed
• Lower Great Miami River Watershed
• Stillwater River Subwatershed
• Mad River Subwatershed

Water Awareness

• About Regional Water Challenges for the 21st Century 
• How you can be WaterWise
For well owners: Is Your Water Safe to Drink?
— Learn when to test, what to test and who to turn to for help
• For septic system owners: Steps Save Money and Mess
— Learn more about how to care for your septic system
For river users: Is the Water Safe for Recreation?

Water Data