Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Water Stewardship program?

Our water stewardship program is a division of the Miami Conservancy District (MCD). Our role is to help maintain the quantity and quality of our water supply for people living and working within the Great Miami River Watershed region.

What does the Water Stewardship program do?

Program activities include tracking water trends, conducting water studies, facilitating regional partnerships, and managing water protection projects.

Who does the Water Stewardship program serve?

The people, communities, neighborhoods, properties, and businesses affected by the Great Miami River Watershed region in Southwest Ohio.

Is the Water Stewardship program part of the Miami Conservancy District?

Yes. MCD’s main mission and responsibility is flood risk reduction. MCD’s two other missions are water stewardship and riverfront recreation. The water stewardship program is guided by the Official Plan of the Miami Conservancy District’s Aquifer Preservation Subdistrict.

What types of services does the Water Stewardship program deliver?

The water stewardship program’s primary activities and services include:

  • Monitor, maintain, and preserve our region’s water quality and quantity
  • Increase awareness of this valued water resource
  • Collaborate with local organizations to provide needed research and insight including:

o  Precipitation reports
o  Groundwater levels
o  Well observations
o  Water nutrient levels
o  Better land development guidance
o  Economic development

Does the Water Stewardship program hold events within the area?

Yes. We are active in many of the communities we serve. These events and activities include public meetings, free well-testing events, networking, river clean-up days, and groups such as the Great Miami River Watershed Network and Partners for the Environment.

Do you work with others?

Our main service area for programs and activities includes all or parts of the counties of Butler, Clark, Greene, Hamilton Miami, Montgomery, Preble, Shelby, and Warren within the Great Miami River Watershed. We work closely with many community leaders, elected officials, and other governmental and private professional organizations whose mission is to also maintain and protect our region’s water. Local, state, and national partners,

Where is the Water Stewardship program and MCD located?

We’re located within the headquarters of the Miami Conservancy District at 38 E. Monument Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402.