Reducing Impacts from Stormwater Runoff

  • Miami Conservancy District

    A City of Springfield staff member works to create wetlands in Springfield to reduce stormwater runoff.

Thoughtful community land use planning and development are critical to protecting water.

MCD assists communities like Springfield, Ohio, in integrating water protection into their land use plans, zoning codes and subdivision regulations. Springfield hosted a Site Planning Roundtable, bringing together key stakeholders that represent local government, development and natural resources. MCD guided the stakeholders through a consensus process with the goal of agreeing on the development rules best suited to balancing water protection and economic development. The updated development rules reduce the amount of impervious cover, increased natural lands set aside for conservation and used pervious areas for more effective stormwater treatment. In addition, the City of Springfield created several wetlands to naturally treat stormwater runoff.

MCD in partnership with local sponsors can provide resources and assist communities during all phases of a Site Planning Roundtable.