Water Stewardship

Water here and across the United States faces multiple threats from a changing climate, polluted runoff from land, and our own personal actions. Encouraging stewardship of our water is critical to protecting health and quality of life.

MCD leads with research and insight, enabling people living and working within the Great Miami River Watershed to make safe, sustainable choices that reduce the impact on our water.

Trillions of gallons of good quality water

Parts of the U.S. –  and many places around the world – are dealing with water shortages. Fortunately, the Dayton region is home to an abundant source of groundwater. The Buried Valley Aquifer stores about 1.5 trillion gallons of water underground. It provides drinking water for more than 2.3 million people.

Thousands of miles of rivers and streams

More than 6,600 miles of rivers and streams flow through the watershed and are enjoyed for fishing and paddling. As river recreation grows, keeping the water clean for users becomes more and more important.

Preservation is key

Plentiful, high-quality water is critical to the region’s health and economy. That’s why MCD collaborates with others to preserve this valuable resource.

What we do

  • Work to improve water quality and quantity
  • Study human impact on rivers, streams and aquifers
  • Share analyses, information and data
  • Increase public awareness of water’s value
  • Provide strategic leadership