River Walk

  • Miami Conservancy District

    The north part of the River Walk offers beautiful views of downtown Dayton.

Bird watching. People watching. Breath-taking skyline views. That’s River Walk in the heart of downtown Dayton. The nearly 1.25-mile loop follows the levee tops along the river from Main Street to the Monument Avenue Bridge, across the bridge to Riverview Avenue, then back to Main Street and over the Main Street Bridge.

The south part of River Walk is a shady, bench-lined, crushed gravel path. Part of the walkway is cantilevered over the Great Miami River Bike Trail.

The north part of River Walk features a sunny path along the top of the right bank (north) levee. It includes two swings and soon will include an accessible ramp. Views of the downtown skyline are impressive from this part of the walk, as is the view north into the McPherson Town Historic District. Stairs connect people from Riverview Avenue and the Great Miami River Bike Trail.

The River Walk features enough lighting to allow for an evening walk.

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