Paved Trails

  • Miami Conservancy District

    The Great Miami Bikeway offers beautiful views of the river like this one just south of downtown Dayton.

MCD maintains trails that are part of a larger trail system. The Miami Valley Bike Trails make up the largest paved trail network in the country. To download a copy of the regional trails map, click on the link under “related content.” To receive a paper copy of the map, contact your local county park district. To help you plan a trip along the Great Miami River Recreation Trail, choose from among these 10-mile segment maps. (The Great Miami River Trail begins on Map 4.)

MCD built the first significant section of trail – an 8-mile loop – in downtown Dayton more than 40 years ago. Over the years, MCD has added miles to the bikeway and currently maintains about 30 miles of bike trails. More than 50 miles of bike trails are built on MCD land.

Safe, clean, and scenic

Some of the best sections of the bike trails are right along the rivers.

Highlights from the Great Miami River Recreation Trail

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