My Assessment

If your property flooded in 1913 (check here — link to database), you likely pay a flood protection assessment to MCD. And that’s good news for two reasons:

  1. The chance of your property being flooded by the Great Miami River is extremely small. While no system can be fool-proof, MCD’s system was built to an extreme level of protection.
  2. Because MCD’s levees are accredited by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, you are not required to buy flood insurance, which can costs a homeowner thousands of dollars per year.

MCD-protected properties pay two assessments:

  • The maintenance assessment covers the necessary, ongoing maintenance of the dams, levees and related flood protection features.
  • The DSI covers capital improvements to the dams.

Assessments are based on a several factors including the height of water on your property in 1913 and current property tax values established by the county auditor.

Since property tax values can increase or decrease over time, MCD periodically performs a readjustment to make sure that the cost to maintain the flood protection system is equitably distributed.

Full protection vs. partial protection

If your property is protected by MCD’s dams, retarding basins and levees, you are fully protected. If your property is protected only by the dams and retarding basins (there are no levees in your community), you are partially protected and receive a reduced benefit/assessment.

What else should we include  — sample calculation (simplify the one currently on the page as a link)? more database info about partial vs full protection?

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