MCD Land

  • Miami Conservancy District

    Englewood Reserve

MCD owns and/or controls nearly 42,000 acres of land, approximately 3,000 of which it leases for recreation in the land upstream of (behind) the dams. You can use it for walking, jogging, bicycling, fishing, and launching canoes or kayaks. MCD may restrict access to certain land depending on weather and river conditions. Hunting and trapping are not permitted on MCD property.

Some use of MCD land requires a Land Use Permit. MCD may issue a Land Use Permit to individuals or organizations for various purposes. The proposed land use must be compatible with proper functioning of the flood protection system and may not interfere with MCD operations.

MCD leases some of its property for recreational purposes. Cities and park districts and other organizations lease the land and set the rules and restrictions at these locations. Among the current leases are Englewood, Taylorsville, Germantown, Twin Creek Metropark, Pigeye Reserve, Crains Run Nature Park and Cassel Hills Golf Course in Montgomery County; Huffman MetroPark in Greene County; Carmody/Twin Creek Reserve in Warren County; and Bicentennial Commons and Combs Park in Butler County.