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Storage Basins

The storage basin at Englewood Dam storing flood water


Storage Basins

For temporarily storing flood water, Miami Conservancy District owns, controls, and maintains land in the five storage basins formed by Germantown, Englewood, Lockington, Taylorsville, and Huffman dams. These storage basins, previously referred to as retarding basins, total 35,650 acres. Property rights are granted to the Miami Conservancy District by deed restrictions, easements, or other legal document. 

For the flood protection system to work properly, the Miami Conservancy District has the right to restrict land use on these properties to ensure storage capacity, and to protect against the loss of life and property from flooding when the storage basins store water. 

During periods of extreme high water, it can take up to a few weeks for basins to drain stored floodwaters.

During periods of normal flow, the river passes unimpeded through the concrete conduits at the base of the dams and the basins do not store water.

A lot of the storage basin land is used for parks and agricultural activities.



A new open-data GIS and mapping webpage is under construction, called GeoPort. The webpage will help property owners and communities understand the location of the integrated flood protection system including the storage basin lands. Watch this page for more!