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Posted: May 3, 2018

MCD seeks new member
to Board of Appraisers

The Miami Conservancy District is accepting nominations to fill a vacancy on its Board of Appraisers. Candidates should have experience with commercial, residential, and/or agriculture real estate appraisals.

Interested candidates should email Janet Bly, general manager at no later than May 24, 2018.

Appointment and Duties of the Board of Appraisers
MCD has a standing Board of Appraisers that perform duties as defined in Section 6101.27 of the Ohio Revised Code. 

The MCD Board of Directors recommends, and the Conservancy Court appoints the three members of the Board of Appraisers, who serve indeterminate terms at the pleasure of the Court. (See attached organization chart.)

The obligation of the Board of Appraisers includes review and approval of the methodology used to determine benefits provided by the main district flood protection system, the APS groundwater program, and the RCIS recreational amenities. These benefits may accrue to individual properties and public corporations. The Board of Appraisers also reviews and approves of the benefits established by the methodologies described above and reports those benefits to the Conservancy Court. The approved benefits form the basis upon which assessments are levied to fund the main district and subdistricts.

MCD typically uses property values established by the various County Auditors to determine the described benefits.

The Board of Appraisers may also be tasked with reviewing the appraisal of properties for the purpose of acquiring or selling rights of way, land, easements or other rights; and appraisal of damages to lands as a result of MCD projects.

The Board of Appraisers meets on an “as needed” basis.