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Posted: April 12, 2019

MCD named Groundwater Guardian Green Site for 11th year in a row

The Miami Conservancy District (MCD) has been named a Groundwater Guardian Green Site for the 11th year in a row by the Groundwater Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska. MCD was honored for its water-friendly land management practices at its dams, levees, and preserved floodplain.

“Groundwater is a vital resource that we all rely on in one way or another – whether it’s for drinking, agriculture, business, or other use,” says Jane Griffin, Groundwater Foundation executive director. “It’s important that we recognize the positive steps that organizations like the Miami Conservancy District are taking to ensure groundwater is protected now and for the future.”

MCD began participating in the Groundwater Foundation’s Groundwater Guardian Green Site program in 2009. The national program encourages land managers to evaluate their practices and implement changes that benefit water quality and quantity.

Groundwater Guardian Green Sites are essentially green spaces – like golf courses; ball fields; educational campuses; natural areas; and residential, recreational, and office parks – that implement water-friendly maintenance practices on their sites.

MCD promotes the Groundwater Foundation’s Green Site designation and its water-friendly mission as a way to increase water awareness in communities within the Great Miami River Watershed. MCD would like to see as many sites as possible involved in the program, helping improve land management practices, better protecting the aquifer, and promoting healthy water practices.

The Green Site program offers additional benefits:

  • Publicly recognizes green spaces for their water stewardship.
  • Generates positive attention for designated sites.
  • Provides an opportunity for site managers to educate themselves as well as staff and visitors about groundwater.

For more information about how to become a Groundwater Guardian Green Site, contact Sarah Hippensteel Hall at 937-223-1271 or visit