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Posted: November 4, 2019

Former county commissioner joins the Riverway

Former Montgomery County Commissioner Dan Foley began work today as the new Great Miami Riverway Coordinator.

“We are excited to have Dan Foley join the Riverway,” says Janet Bly, Miami Conservancy District (MCD) general manager. “Dan Foley was an early champion of the Great Miami Riverway initiative. He has a thorough understanding of the impact this regional partnership has on workforce attraction and retention.”

As a Montgomery County commissioner, Foley, along with Bly, co-wrote a letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers applying for Planning Assistance to States to perform a study on a 99-mile stretch of the Great Miami River Corridor. That study provided a critical launching pad for the creation of the Great Miami Riverway.

“I’ve been an advocate of this project for quite a few years,” Foley says. “Lifting up our river corridor just makes sense in so many ways.”

In his capacity with the Riverway, Foley will work with a coalition of local agencies to:

  • Attract more visitors.
  • Support economic development.
  • Strengthen river corridor neighborhoods.
  • Increase the use of recreational, historical and cultural assets.

“Of all the work I did in 25 years at Montgomery County, I enjoyed the place-based economic development work probably the most,” says Foley, who worked on developing the former Montgomery County Fairgrounds, property now owned by Premier Health and the University of Dayton. “The 99 miles of the Great Miami Riverway offer so much potential to help grow our economy and increase quality of life. I’m excited to be part of it.”

Foley served 12 years as a Montgomery County commissioner. Prior to his work on the commission, he served as Montgomery County Clerk of Courts and as the assistant county treasurer.

As Riverway staff, Foley is an employee of MCD. MCD is facilitating the Riverway effort on behalf of the 18 partners, including cities, counties and park districts.

The Great Miami Riverway is a regional destination focused on economic investment, tourism and workforce attraction. It is 99 miles of river, paved trails, natural beauty, and vibrant city waterfronts. While each city retains its own unique identity, the Great Miami Riverway links them together to create a dynamic, active, and welcoming district with a shared sense of place.