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  • Miami Conservancy District

    Mowing is an important job of MCD caretakers.

  • Miami Conservancy District

    MCD staff collecting a groundwater sample.

  • Miami Conservancy District

    MCD staff closing a storm sewer floodgate along the Great Miami River.

  • Miami Conservancy District

    MCD staff measuring bacteria in the river.

If you are interested in a position at MCD, please contact Shannon Phelps at or complete an application.

We are currently hiring a Civil Engineer.

Responsibilities include:

Performs work associated with civil engineering infrastructure management and project management related to flood protection and outdoor recreation. Plans, analyzes, designs, manages and inspects projects related to levees, dams, floodwalls, revetments, storm sewers, floodgates, bridges, culverts, and bike trails. Assists with infrastructure condition assessments, capital planning, cost estimates, reports, and budgeting. May complete plan reviews, regulatory permit applications, and grant applications.

Prepares materials and may represent MCD at various more…

We hire talented individuals in the following areas:

Field Operations
Water Resources Monitoring and Analysis

MCD also hires seasonal employees, who typically work between March and October.

MCD is an Equal Opportunity Employer