River Play

  • Miami Conservancy District

    Paddling on the Mad River, a state and national designated water trail

Love to paddle, row, fish or birdwatch? You’ve come to the right place.

Within the Great Miami River Watershed, you can enjoy

  • 291 miles of rivers and streams
  • 3 whitewater kayak parks
  • 117 public access points
  • 100+ natural and urban parks
  • World-class fishing
  • Unique river cities and towns

Six rivers and streams – the Great Miami, Stillwater and Mad rivers, along with Twin, Greenville and Buck creeks – make up one of only 22 national water trail systems (designated by the U.S. Department of the Interior). The three rivers are state-designated water trails, too. And the Stillwater River and Greenville Creek are state-designated Scenic Rivers.

To help you plan your next – or first – paddling experience, MCD offers river recreation maps of the Great Miami, Stillwater and Mad rivers. The trail maps show you the public access points, river miles, safety information and more. Download a copy of any of the river recreation maps (right) or contact your local park district for a copy of the maps.