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About MCD

The Miami Conservancy District's (MCD) core mission is flood protection. Over the years, the organization has branched out to meet the region’s water needs.

Today, MCD is working hard to help preserve the quality of our water through monitoring, testing and education. MCD staff provides city and county officials with extensive water monitoring and water analysis, and educates and involves citizens in protecting their local water resources.

MCD has been actively involved for many years in promoting recreation along our rivers and streams. MCD owns or maintains 35 miles of recreation trails for biking, skating, walking, jogging and enjoying. Staff works with local communities to develop additional recreation paths along rivers and streams.
MCD also plays a leadership role throughout the region. Bringing together state and federal funds to leverage local dollars, MCD has been a key partner in projects like downtown Dayton’s RiverScape, which has improved the quality of life for Miami Valley residents.